Shelley Adams Drury Speaks On Marriage Dissolution and Business Valuation

The International Society of Business Appraisers and the NEBB Institute together are currently putting on a Spring Conference at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria. The goal of the conference is to provide valuation professionals with opportunities to network with others in the industry, as well as opportunities to learn about new ideas, regulations, and industry trends. The focus of the conference is Business Valuation trends and splits into another category of Machinery and Equipment appraisal.

Shelley Drury Dallas Presentation.jpg

Shelley Drury, CPA, CVA, ABV, CFF, Shareholder and Valuation / Litigation Support Director of The Doty Group gave a presentation this morning on Business Valuation as it relates to the topic of Marital Dissolution. Her presentation provided a “focus on the unique aspects of business valuation in the context of marital dissolution — the applicable standard of value, what methods should be used, what methods should be avoided, and why.” Her talk also included the personal experiences she’s had over 20 years, as well as applicable anecdotes.

This presentation can be added to Shelley’s long history of taking the opportunity to engage and educate others in the practice of valuation. Topics on which she is available to present include:

  • Economic Loss Calculations — When they’re needed

  • Forensic Accounting — Tracing suspect estate and trust funds

  • Medical Practice Embezzlement — When you need an effective expert witness

  • When Different Types of Valuation Are Needed — Potential sale, shareholder buyout, marital dissolution, estate and gift tax

  • Different Standards of Value — FMV for shareholder buyout vs. fair value for marital dissolution

  • Pension valuations: To QDRO or not to QDRO

  • The Basics of Business Valuation

  • Advanced Business Valuations: ESOPs

  • Internal Controls for Small Businesses

The Doty Group offers Tax Preparation and Planning, Estate Tax and Planning, Litigation and Valuation, and Accounting Services for individuals. For more information on speaking engagements, please e-mail Doty Group Marketing Manager, Sarah Gray at