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How Do Washington's Marketplace Facilitator Rules Affect Your Business?

If you are operating a business in Washington State that uses a third-party platform to make sales, you may have started to receive notices that mention “marketplace facilitators.” Here’s a quick guide to what that means for your sales tax burden.

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Avoid Expensive Sales Tax Compliance Mistakes With These Recommended Software Solutions

For organizations that are quickly-growing, consistently introducing new products or services, and entering or navigating the world of e-commerce, up-to-date compliance software is a must-have when it comes to minimizing the risk of severe and expensive mistakes.

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Obtaining Quality Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services

Under Federal law, most employee benefit plans with 100 or more participants must submit audited plan financial statements when they file an annual return/report (commonly called the “Form 5500”)1 . If your employee benefit plan must have an annual audit, hiring an independent qualified public accountant is one of the plan administrator’s most important fiduciary responsibilities.

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