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When choosing a valuation expert, it is important to interview the individual to make sure you feel comfortable with their knowledge and experience. Business valuation is very specialized, and few CPAs are credentialed to prepare business valuations.

Our 20+ years of experience, combined with specialty credentials, ensure our preparedness and accuracy in making assumptions and adjustments - available only from an exceptionally qualified team, and supported by the resources of a full-service CPA firm.

Businesses are most commonly valued for marital dissolution, buy/sell agreements (development or enforcement), business loss claims, estate planning, gift and estate taxation, admission or buy-out of shareholders and financing. Because we value businesses of all sizes, for all sorts of reasons, we sometimes find ourselves in the courtroom defending our opinions as expert witnesses. Accordingly, we set up our files and reports to be ready for trial, if necessary. This often saves you money because reports don’t have to be re-worked for trial.

Litigation & Valuation Service Team

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Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation & Detection

We are often selected by business owners to review what they suspect may be fraud on the part of an employee or partner. We discreetly analyze internal controls, review accounting records, interview staff (if needed) and prepare a loss report if we find that a fraud has been committed. If the business owner decides to proceed with filing an “employee dishonesty” insurance claim or prosecuting, our reports may be used for those purposes.

For individuals, Forensic Accounting may be needed when money goes missing. This is often the case with siblings or other individuals inheriting money in an estate where one or more parties have misappropriated or taken a disproportionate share of estate funds. We also provide forensic accounting for determining income of parties for child support and/or spousal maintenance.

Forensic accounting requires training, significant experience and an eye for detail. We have a specialty credentials in forensic accounting, are skilled and experienced in this area, and have testified a number of times on fraud and forensic accounting matters.

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economic loss calculations

Business economic loss claims typically result from violation of non-compete agreements, fire damages, theft loss, easement issues related to access, and unfulfilled contracts. We have testified a number of times in personal and business economic loss cases nationwide both in Superior and Federal Courts.

Personal economic losses typically result from an auto accident, medical malpractice case, discrimination, wrongful termination and wrongful death matters.

Our loss calculations include only the quantifiable losses - lost profits, lost fringe benefits and loss in household services. Our reports do not include hedonic damages which are intangible damages - lost love and affection, lost quality of life, pain and suffering, etc., as these are damages that are typically awarded, if appropriate, by a judge or jury.



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