Our clients rely on us to identify and maximize the tax benefits available to them. We stay up to date on current on tax laws - always considering the perspective of our clients and partners.


  • Federal, State & Local Tax Preparation

  • Estimated Payment Calculation and Reminders

  • Trust, Estate, & Gift Tax

  • State and Federal Audit Representation


  • Family Wealth & Gift Planning

  • Year-end Tax Planning

  • Educational Funding Consultations

  • Divorce Tax Implications

  • Tax Withholding Analysis


With nearly 20 years of litigation and valuation experience, we assist individuals with litigation support, personal economic loss calculations, forensic accounting due to divorce, accidents, estate fund distribution, and more. We have worked with over 700 attorneys in the Pacific Northwest, and are specialty credentialed to assist clients through these hardships.



Personal economic losses typically result from an auto accident, medical malpractice case, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wrongful death matters.

Our loss calculations include only the quantifiable losses – lost profits, lost fringe benefits and loss in household services. Our reports do not include hedonic damages which are intangible damages – lost love and affection, lost quality of life, pain and suffering, etc., as these are damages that are typically awarded, if appropriate, by a judge or jury.

forensic accounting: WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO?

Forensic accounting engagements for individuals are for the purpose of answering this question. This is often the case with siblings or other individuals inheriting money in an estate where one or more parties have misappropriated or taken a disproportionate share of estate funds.

We also provide forensic accounting for determining income of parties for child support and/or spousal maintenance.

Forensic accounting requires training, significant experience and an eye for detail. We have specialty credentials in forensic accounting, are experienced in this area, and can testify on fraud and forensic accounting matters.


The Doty Group has specialized knowledge of the legal and financial elements that make Estate Planning a complicated, and often costly, process. Individuals and families work closely with us to make sure that the plans for their future are organized and clearly defined.

We understand that all estate planning situations are different, so we are prepared with resources for whatever unique situations our clients are in. Sitting down for a discussion with us can help clients establish their estate plans through the following steps:

  • Defining wants and needs

  • Assembling a team of consultants in law, finance, and tax

  • Reviewing estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and power of attorney

  • Minimizing tax liability at time of death

  • Planning for management of the estate or transfer of assets after death

Our team is a reliable and sensitive resource for individuals and families who are in any stage of the estate planning process, listed above or otherwise.



When it comes to long-term care, The Doty Group offers financial services that provide resources, plans, and assistance to seniors, their families, and their caregivers. We meet with prospective clients to conduct an assessment, then make personalized recommendations for a plan of care.


  • Household Bill Pay and Review

  • Budgeting

  • Record-keeping

  • Check writing and Checkbook balancing

  • Review of personal, financial, and legal documents

  • Monitoring of assets



Beyond basic financial services, elder care engagements provide client service to the fullest level possible. The Doty Group is an experienced resource for advice and assistance whenever needed and can provide quality referrals to other local services and agencies.